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This site is dedicated to the spirit of the American traveler. Throughout modern history, Americans have traveled abroad more than any citizens of any other country in the world. Unfortunately, the reason some of our countrymen's travel abroad was out of desperation and for the safety of their own lives, not as tourists. Our generation seems to forget what was accomplished before we were born.

My grandfather was yanked from a cotton field and shipped overseas to the Philippines at the age of eighteen. Before his twentieth birthday, he lost many friends and brothers at Normandy. After cheating his own death in WWII, he witnessed as his friends and family lost their sons die in Korea and in Vietnam - all for your right to remain free.

These are the people you owe your freedom to, and these are the people who sacrificed themselves for you and your family. "The greatest generation" as they are appropriately named. When I go abroad, which is quite often, I don't thank my banker or my situation which allows me to go - I thank my grandfather for the freedom to do so.

Clayton L. Wigley - 2000

clayton wigley and family members
Clayton Wigley and family members pose in front of the Pacific Prowler, sponsored by
Clayton at the 2005 Moonlight Foundation Air Show in New Braunsfels, Texas